Monday March 6th, 2017, was the day this all began -the day a lesion was found in my mother’s brain, eventually leading to a Stage 4 Melanoma Diagnosis. 

A Little About Me:

Hi, my name is Alex and I guess I can safely say this blog is for me. An outlet, if you will, where I can write down my thoughts, my feelings, and share the hard and painful journey that my mother is about to embark on as she begins her battle with cancer.

I’m an ICU nurse who is a daughter, a wife, and a baby sister. I currently live in London with my husband, while my older sister, Sam, lives in Copenhagen with her husband and 3 young children. Our mother lives in Melbourne, Australia, and the distance, apart from the cancer, is the hardest part!

I plan, through this blog HerMelanoma, to regularly post updates as my mother navigates from her initial diagnosis, right through her treatment, and hopefully, her recovery. I’ve read countless blogs written by those experiencing cancer first hand, but found very few written from the perspective of a family member. It’s going to be hard and undoubtedly sad and confronting – but knowing i’m not the only person experiencing this terrible, life-changing ordeal, makes it worth sharing.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me, let’s get started.