Home Sweet Home

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last update, and finally I can say that i’m writing about some good news!

Following a brief stint in ICU after Mum had developed an infection and become septic, she was sent to the ward for a few days for observation and then finally sent home at the end of last week. Although Mum’s liver function hasn’t completely returned to normal just yet, she is feeling a lot better and is safe to say has relatively returned to her “old self”.

Mum continues to go to her daily radiation sessions, and with only a handful of sessions remaining she’s almost at the end. She is still having her immunotherapy infusions, and for now it’s just a waiting game until Mum has scans and tests in a few weeks time to see if the radiation and immunotherapy sessions have had any effect. Fingers crossed!

She’s currently on a myriad of medications, including a new autoimmune medication to hopefully prevent her from picking up any more nasty infections like last week. For the nurses amongst us who are interested, here’s Mum’s drug round-up:

Bactrim 800/160 (strong antibiotic) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Mycophenolate 1gm twice daily (immunosuppressant drug), Prednisolone 50mg (steroid – anti inflammatory/immunosuppressant), Targin 10/5 twice daily (pain killer), and Zantac 300mg at night (antihistamine used to treat acid reflux). 

For more exciting news, Mum became a grandmother again last week after my sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Ella Louise Skovmand (photos below). She couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and has truly given our family something to be incredibly happy about for the first time in months. I know Mum is really looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks time when Sam and her family travel to Melbourne for a visit.

For now that’s everything, let’s hope the good news continues and my next post is just as easy to write as this one was!



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